THERMOCRETE is special concrete used for mass concreting to get heat controlled hydration to avoid heat resulting in cracking and thermal stress.

Durability & workability Reduced temperature differential and to work peak temperatures reduce stress and cracking. This results in excellent permeability resistance and tong term durability and workability retention of the concrete.

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Self Compacting Concrete has cohesive flowing properties. PROCON EASYCRETE is suitable for structures with heavy reinforcements where spacing between bars or piling where it is least possible to be compact the same. Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) is a flowing concrete that does not require vibration and indeed, should not be vibrated. It uses superplasticisers and stabilizers to significantly increase the ease and rate of flow. It achieves compaction into every part of the mould or formwork simply by means of its own weight without any segregation of the coarse aggregate.

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PROCON SUPERCRETE is ideally suited for concreting by crane buckets and is thus time efficient the reduced workability/ directly impacts the compaction efficiency and ultimately concrete durability and strength.

The concreting operations of retaining and lift walls, and manual concrete placement are time consuming. ProCrete, with its super retention properties, prevents mix tampering due to delayed unloading.

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It is previous concrete which allows water to pass through thus maintaining water table levels. It is a special type of concrete with a high porosity used for concrete flatwork applications that allows water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from a site and allowing groundwater recharge.

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Icebox for your home LiteCrete uses the same insulating materials as found in ice Boxes and thus is a very good insulator. LiteCrete can be used for roof slabs for excellent heat insulation and reduced air conditioning costs. Lower structural loads

ProliteCrete, being 40% to 7O % tighter than conventional concrete, generates substantially less dead loads. It is recommended for use in none—structural concrete fitting works and can optimize structural design.

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Natural Stone Look Natural stones are difficult to source and do not offer flexibility in laying. ImpreCrete replicates the same natural took white being easy to use and with better longevity Ensure sufficient time foresting of stamp concrete do not use stamped con Crete to abrasive requirement.

Coloured Structural members Enhances the appearance of structure and saves painting costs when used in structural concrete.

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TENSOCRETE can be recommended for all types of pavement work, girders, and piers where higher flexural strength of concrete is desired, for eg. Bridges. TENSOCRETE is resistant to Freeze-Thaw action and thus, can be used for shear waits and water retaining structures. Resistance to creep A TENSOCRETE offers better-designed life when compared to conventional concrete when abetted with cyclic loading and thus, is routinely used for industrial floors and machine to nations.

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